Patent filed concerning a pulmonary ventilator

Current pulmonary ventilators blow pressurized respirable gases into the patient's airways.

Due to the pressure of the insufflated gases, the respiratory system and, in particular, the lungs can suffer serious and irreparable damage.

The lung ventilator, claimed with the patent pending, at equal volumetric flow rate, works in such a way that the necessary insufflation gas pressure is significantly lower, compared to that of the current ventilators, thus limiting considerably the risk of damage lung.

Due to the way it works, it reduces physiological dead space.

The pulmonary ventilator, object of the registered patent, is a complex machine, equipped with important functions that current ventilators do not have.

In a moment in which there is a race towards simplified ventilators in order to quickly satisfy an impetuous request because of Covid-19, a quality ventilator could be understood as a contradiction.

In reality every day not a few people who receive respiratory assistance, also due to lung complications, die. This pulmonary ventilator is wished to be destined for them or at least for a part of them.