Protective mask

Protective half mask that allows you to significantly raise the level of protection, when the risk of contagion is or becomes high.

Among the current PPE, personal protective equipment, relatively light masks are commercially available, which we have all learned to wear, in this troubled period of pandemic, and heavier gas masks are available.

Even the best masks currently on the market for protection from covid19 infection, on the sides of the face, on the sides of the nose and for some even under the chin, do not adhere perfectly to the face.

In those spaces, albeit small, unfiltered air passes between the mask and face and is inhaled.

The overall section of the gates, through which the flow of unfiltered air passes, is relatively small, however it must be considered that during inspiration inside the mask, a depression is created which increases the speed of the flow and therefore the quantity of air unfiltered that enters the respiratory tract.

The half mask is a light device, wearable for prolonged periods, by means of which, if necessary, even temporarily, the protection capacity is increased.

It works in such a way that contagious elements from the environment cannot filter inside the half mask.

The recipients of the protective device are doctors, health workers, laboratory technicians, law enforcement personnel and those who by profession may be, even temporarily, exposed to a high risk of contagion.

The filed patent has passed the priority examination, carried out by the European Patent Office in Munich, and is reasonably expected to be issued in early 2022.